Space Teachers in charge Function Equipment Used Space photo
Cafeteria Kitchen
Chiou ya ling

En Ling Yen

Support Quantity Food Production Planning and Management courses Refrigerator,
desktop fryer,
air-cooled horizontal refrigerator,
air-cooled horizontal freezer,
large kitchen refrigerator,
ice maker,
top fire oven,
digital multi-function Lecture tables,
frying stations,
program-controlled water dispensers for both ice and warmth,
Japanese advanced digital nutrition machines and other kitchen equipment.
Nutrition and Biochemistry Research Laboratory
Cheng-Hung Chuang Provide teacher and student research Anti-vibration safe medicine storage cabinet,
vertical circulation type sterile dust-free operation table,
-20℃ vertical frost-free refrigerator,
fume exhaust cabinet, constant temperature vibration incubator,
vertical protein electrophoresis system and stain transfer system,
ultrasonic cleaning Machine,
4℃ double-door refrigerator,
constant temperature heating water bath, dry bath machine
Public Health Nutrition-Associate room/Nutrition  Counseling Room
Wang, Jui-Lien Provide teacher and student research Body composition analyzer,
height and weight scale,
portable bone density meter,
food replacement model
Molecular Biology Laboratory
Chiou ya ling

Wang Hang

Provide teacher and student cell experiments Sterile operation table,
desktop pH meter,
titration device,
electric balance,
Laboratory for Multifunctional Cookery
Wang, Jui-Lien

Chih-Hung Guo

Support experimental courses in dietetics, nutrition, diet planning, and dietetics Food replacement models,
range hoods,
gas stoves,
four-door air-cooled freezer freezers,
gas horizontal freezers,
Laboratory For Chinese Culinary
Wang, Jui-Lien

Cheng-Hung Chuang

Chinese Cuisine Cookery(1) and (2), esting Room for Certification of Level B and C Chinese Cuisine Cookery Range hoods,
gas stoves,
four-door air-cooled freezing freezers,
gas horizontal freezers,

Nutrition and Immunity Research Laboratory
Chiou ya ling Provide teacher and student research Aseptic operation table,
ultrapure water manufacturing system,
low-temperature refrigerator,
sterilizer, simple meristem equipment,
ultraviolet light and visible light spectrometer,
protein electrophoresis device,
polymerase chain-lock reactor,
aseptic operation table,
low-temperature rotary shaking incubator
Molecular Nutrition Research Laboratory
Hsueh-Fang Wang

Wei Chyou-Wei

Provide teacher and student research Digital nucleic acid quantitative analysis system,
protein electrophoresis device,
polymerase chain reaction instrument,
ultraviolet light visible light spectrometer,
multifunctional fluorescent cold light analyzer,
cell crusher,
high-speed low-temperature centrifuge,
sterilization kettle, explosion-proof cabinet,
microwave sample digestion system ,
sterile operation table,
automatic cell counter,
ice maker, refrigerator,
vertical and horizontal electrophoresis tank and automatic nucleic acid extraction equipment
Micronutrient Research Laboratory
Chih-Hung Guo Provide teacher and student research Flame atomic absorption spectrometer,
flameless atomic absorption spectrometer,
solid-state direct injection graphite atomic absorption spectrometer,
inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer,
Hydride Generator Accessory,
microwave sample preparation digestion system,
liquid chromatography analyzer,
gas phase Chromatograph.
Antioxidant capacity analyzer,
ultra-weak chemiluminescence spectrometer.
Double-door low-temperature refrigerator,
ultra-pure water manufacturing system,
-70℃ refrigerator,
floor-standing exhaust cabinet and automatic biochemical analyzer and automatic blood analyzer,
incubator, sterile operation table.
Functional and medical food laboratory
Wang Hang Provide teacher and student research Flow cytometry analyzer,
multifunctional fluorescent cold light image analyzer,
animal live image observation device,
cell crusher,
high-speed low-temperature centrifuge and low-temperature rotary shaking incubator.
Gas chromatograph mass spectrometer,
sterile operation table and fluorescence interference phase contrast microscope