About us

The “Department of Nutrition (Master Program)” is affiliated to the College of Medical and Health Care. It was founded in 2005 with the mission of promoting education and research in the field of nutrition and Medicine. Our department is currently the only institute of nutritional medicine established in Taiwan, and start enrolling students in August 2009. The education feature is “training students to develop the second expertise”, including biomedical nutrition, clinical nutrition, dietary nutrition, community and long-term care, as well as other abilities so that the graduates of this department have market competitiveness, professional certification ability and future career development potential.

Our courses range from fundamental nutrition, fundamental medicine, biomedicine, health and biotechnology, and community nutrition education in order to give students with interdisciplinary knowledge and practical skills. Our faculty members consist of full-time and part-time staff, are experts in areas that include specialist doctors, nutritionists, nurses, and professionals in the health industry, etc. We aim to strengthen interdisciplinary connections between nutrition, medicine, and other nursing related disciplines, creating excellent research and educational opportunities for our students. With theoretical and experiential learning, our students are trained to work in the fields of nutrition consultation, nutrition education, research fellow in medical and academic organizations, and staff member in related enterprises. They can also choose to continue their postgraduate studies at the Institute of Biomedical Nutrition in Hung Kuang University or other university departments.


Education goals

The goal of our department is to cultivate professionals equipped with nutritional and medical knowledge and to enhance the practical experience and research of nutritional science.


Career opportunities

Ample employment opportunities are available for nutrition graduates, for example, dietitians in hospitals and medical facilities, nutritionists at schools, research laboratories, biotechnology firms, nutraceutical companies, and long-term health medical care, or health professionals at government agencies.