Dept. of Nutrition student; Course and Credits:


Graduation Requirements:

Description: According to Regulation 54 of HUNGKUANG UNIVERSITY:

Regulation 54: Students of all departments of our school who have completed their academic achievement and meet the following requirements will be permitted to graduate:

1.  Complete the required compulsory and elective subjects and credits, and passed the grade.

2.  Pass compulsory physical education in each semester.

3.  Pass the student conduct in each semester.

4.  Pass the graduation qualification of certification English exam and information skills of our school, otherwise expressly provided.

5.  4-year college students of the day department after the 98 academic year (inclusive) need to obtain an inter-departmental credit course before graduation,otherwise expressly provided.

6.  Successful review of Core competence.


Graduation necessary ability:

School Required Interdisciplinary course
English ability
Information ability
Service Learning
Manual Training
Department of nutrition Clinical nutrition ability
Dietary nutrition ability
Community and long-term care ability
Biomedical nutrition ability
Lifelong self-learning ability